Collateral Management International Proprietary Limited (CMI) was established in 2008. The company is a 100% subsidiary of AFGRI, operating independently from AFGRI with its own brand, systems, people and communication lines.

The company has grown into a world class provider of storage management, collateral management and inspection services, providing services to most internationally recognised commercial banks and traders.

Operational across 13 African countries with its head office in Centurion, South Africa and a liaison office in Switzerland, CMI operates under the AFGRI group guidelines and values, as well as Corporate Governance guidelines. Being owned by AFGRI, a company with over 90 years’ experience in the agricultural sector,  offers a substantial balance sheet and track record in commodity handling and storage activities throughout its more than 5.0 million tons of storage capacity supported by a strategic and operational role in SAFEX

The company is contracted exclusively as a service provider for collateral management for the commodity exchanges in East and West Africa and is the only company to issue e-Warehousing Receipts for these exchanges.

CMI employs the best people in the industry with appropriate knowledge in different areas, in order to enable them to provide world class professional risk management services.

We provide risk management services to financial institutions and insurers, as well as to commodity traders, farmers and processors.

Financial Institutions

CMI provides a wide range of services to financial institutions to enable them to use a client’s commodity on site as collateral against loans or funding lines. CMI acts as custodian of the financial institutions’ security (the stock or commodity on site) during the funding transaction to ensure integrity of the security. This helps financial institutions or funders to finance transactions where other security is not feasible or available.

Traders, Farmers and Processors

CMI provides commodity traders and farmers with a finance tool to access stock based funding with financial institutions, similar to a SAFEX facility where clients can access finance with SAFEX certificates as security. Traders, farmers and processors use CMI as commodity storage experts for existing storage facilities, to prevent losses on stock related risks.


CMI works closely with marine insurers and is involved in the inspection of marine containers to verify damages, managing risk and by doing so creating efficiencies in container insurance.