Our Services

Our services include:

  • Collateral management (CMA)
  • Stock monitoring (SMA)
  • Grain storage solutions (SA)
  • Inspections (vessels, ports, containers, loading / off loading, origin to destination, trucks, etc)
  • Commodities

To understand more about our service offerings, please click on the sections below for details.

Collateral Management (CMA)

  • CMA is used by financiers to mitigate risk in STC financing transactions, as a risk mitigation control measure together with the rest of the loan security. CMA adds to the controls to ensure the risk behind a transaction falls within a financier’s risk appetite.
  • We carry professional indemnity (PI) and warehouseman insurance with AON.
  • There is a clear division in risk and operations between CMA and stock monitoring (SMA).

Stock Monitoring (SMA)

  • SMA is also used by financiers to mitigate risk, but provides less risk mitigation than CMA. The service relates more to tracking and reporting activity and movement of commodities at a specific location or between locations.
  • SMA covers source-to-destination monitoring throughout the logistics value chain, including land and sea movement.

Storage (SA)

  • This service offering provides for the outsourcing of all storage-related functions and the risk is covered by CMI and AFGRI’s balance sheets.
  • We guarantee the grade and weight of the commodity for clients.


  • These services include vessel loading / discharge and other port-related inspections, pre-loading container inspections, non-GMO inspections, insurance inspections, as well as any other industry-required inspection.


    • Our service portfolio and current contracts include, but are not limited to, the following commodities:
        • Maize
        • Wheat
        • Soya
        • Sorghum
        • Sunflower
        • Cotton
        • Fruits
        • Nuts
        • Raisins
        • Vegetable oil
        • Molasses
        • Rice
        • Fertilisers
        • Steel
        • Retail goods
        • Hard commodities
        • Brent oil and fuels
        • Perishables